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User Groups on the forums

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User Groups on the forums Empty User Groups on the forums

Post  VernalCugix Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:26 pm


Since people are not in the right group(s) I decided to make this post so you all know how you can make sure you get into the correct groups.

Group Types
  • Open: Any member is able to view and apply to these groups.
  • Closed: Access to this group is invite only.
  • Hidden: not visible to non-groupmembers and not colored.

The list of groups (in order of color priority), their moderator, Type (Open, Closed or Hidden) and function:
  • Admins,VernalCugix,Closed Group, for admins only also gives admin powers.
  • Sergeants,OfficerVan,Closed Group, members of this group are responsible for leading ,parts of, the clan.
  • Moderators,OfficerVan,Closed Group, for moderators and Sergeants.
  • Field Training Officers,OfficerVan,Closed Group, This group contains people who are able to do Field Training for the PD or FD.
  • Fire Department, Norcent,Open Group, This group is for the people in the FD as fire or EMS.
  • Police Officers, OfficerVan,Open Group, All fully trained police officers are in this group.
  • Friends, OfficerVan,Open Group, This group is for friends of LCES which are not part of the clan itself.
  • Cadets, OfficerVan,Open Group, This group contains the new member / probation group anyone being a "green" member is a new or untrained member.
  • Applicants, OfficerVan,Open Group, People who are Applying to Join.

How to make sure you are in the correct groups:
For most groups you can apply so if you feel like you should be in a group apply to it via the "Groups" button, the group moderator will then add you to the group. For the rest of the groups you have to ask the group moderator or an admin to add you to it. Should you not be in a group, like Applicants or Cadets, then you can remove yourself or ask to be removed.

Note: Applying for a group does not replace applying for the department

User Groups on the forums Sig

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