Things that make you and other crash

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Things that make you and other crash

Post  VernalCugix on Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:23 am

The Idea of this topic is to create a list of do's and dont's for MP I will start off and you'll see what I mean you can also add you own experiences on a new item or an existing one, make sure you quote though.
The things I found is basically a combination of lists i found and I have been trying it with a friend on a clean GTA IV install which we tested for 60 minutes without crashing.

1. ELS - Now dont worry it's not ELS in general it's when someone has ELS V5 and someone else has ELS V6 for instance. Something that should also crash you is two different .ini files especially the reflecting part. I can confirm that different ELS versions effects the game but with INI files we didn't have troubles. [Partly Confirmed]

2. Different Car/PED/Player models - Basically clipping is the word here collision different physics being used in two games make the game gowtf one game say 1 the other 0 and boom crashy crashy because the games dont understand each other. [Confrimed]

3. LCPDFR - According to the dev's LCPD:FR is a SP mod not an MP mod so it doesn't support MP... well they never tested it or never prefected it for MP. nuff said... [Maybe? But essential mod]

4. Lighting Mods - flashlight mods, spotlight mods some how the game wants to display lights for everyone but can't and that confuses it causing either a memory leak or crash. And that's actually exactly what we saw. [Confirmed]

5. Physics mods other then models - yess there are... more physics mods like chaning the bullets or projectile damage. For instance using bean bags in stead of the default for the shotgun. Even though this is strange... but the weapon models aren't affecting the game that much appart from when editing the following weapons: the MP5/Uzi, Grenades/molotov and the rocketlauncher.

6 The Taser - it doesn't work for everyone that's why it doesn't work that well plus it's an added weapon and doesn't replace anything. Because some games can understand the taser and others can't the games get confused and one of them calls it quit. Even worse though is if someone has a fix for it and someone else another fix again confusion leads to crash.

After this all I can only advise one thing... LESS IS MORE... the more the games match the better they work together... meaning less mods or more unity in what we have installed.


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